May the best Kaiju win.... or at least may it smash other Kaiju around for our entertainment!

First round pairings have been announced:

  • Aus-Rotten (Mega Lagionnaire) vs balzogguado (Mega Grindix)
  • Kid_Happy (Ultra Leviathron) vs DaveZee (Mega Mucustos)
  • Chris H (Mega Gakura) vs CommanderDoug (Mega Mantacon)
  • Shelly124 (Ultra Galaxius 4) vs KingBobb (Mega Phobos 7)

Watch the Dragon's Tear Tavern site for tournament details, results and other related stuff until this site is completed and starts rolling.

We are proud to announce the start of TNT IV on-line Monsterpocalypse tournament, Tuesday, January 5th, 2016. Registration and details for monster submission are on the Dragon's Tear Tavern forums.  Good luck to everyone!!

The staff at Dragon's Tear Tavern would like to congratulate KingBobb on his win of the 2014 (Summer) Tuesday Night Terror Monsterpocalypse tournament!!  The tournament results can be found in the DTT tournament archives.

Congratulations again!!!